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Pastoral Emergencies

The primary place of routine pastoral care is in our Life Groups, however, life does bring emergencies. If you or an immediate family member has a pastoral emergency, please call one of the following numbers based on which campus you normally attend.

During Office Hours (9 am – 5 pm, Monday-Thursday)

  • Mt Pleasant Campus – The Rev’d John Burley (843.284.4326).
  • City Church Charleston – The Rev’d Rusty Graves (843.284.4331)
  • Park Circle North Charleston – The Rev’d David Libbon (843.284.4369)

After hours and all day on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, please call the Rev’d John Burley (843.284.4326).

Routine Pastoral Care

Many pastoral care concerns are handled within Life Groups and Life Group leaders contact the pastoral staff if necessary. If you would like to have a member of our pastoral staff contact you or a family member, you can call one of the numbers above or fill out the form below.

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