Dear St. Andrew’s Family,

A brief letter to keep you informed….

What an amazing Sunday this past Sunday was! For the first time in over a year we had a New Member Sunday. In the past we would have these welcoming and incorporation events bi-annually and we would receive a large group of folks at a 6.00 PM Sunday service. This year, as you experienced, we received our new members in each of the services in which they participate. Meaning that every service, the 7.45, 9.00, 10.45 in the Sanctuary and the 10.45 in the Historic Church, as well as the 6.00 PM, saw new people join our church family. Praise God!

This is consistent with what we are seeing across the breadth of St. Andrew’s, new life, new growth and new members. We are seeing folks return to St. Andrew’s as they feel more comfortable with how we are addressing Covid. And, we are seeing folks return who drifted after the fire. It is heartening to see these signs of new life and a hint at what’s next, God-willing, post-Covid.

Open Houses

As you may know, we hosted two open houses in January. The first was for St. Andrew’s members who are still isolating due to Covid and have not been in the new buildings. And the second was for those in our immediate community who have had to live with our rebuilding process. Both were well received. Roughly 150 St. Andrew’s members walked through the campus for the first time, many had not seen me physically since before my hospitalization. Those were wonderful reunions.

Roughly 50 people from the neighborhood walked through last week. Of those from the neighborhood, well over half were young families with children. My favorite story from the neighborhood open house was a young couple who have been watching The Crown. The episodes have had references to the Anglican Church and they’d been wondering what is the Anglican Church? After one episode our postcard arrived inviting them to the open house for St. Andrew’s Anglican Church! Curious, they came interested to know more. Only the Lord arranges such circumstances.

A Home for Greta

We are pleased to inform you that demolition has begun on Greta’s house. This past Saturday saw a team of St. Andrew’s folks working on the site to get the home ready to be demolished. The emptied house, now prepped, will be removed over the next week. Thanks to Sparky Witte for his leadership over this project. It is a tangible sign of the kingdom of God moving forward in our community through you!

Open Doors

Lastly, as has been preached often during the series on Acts, the Lord is opening doors for His gospel to go forth. Like the woman at the well in John 4 people are genuinely spiritually thirsty, and you have Living Water to give – the only Water that will satisfy their heart’s desire. Be bold. Speak of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit use your words.

In His Grip,
Steve & Jacqui